Paint Work

Car Respray and Refinishing Facility for Classic Vehicles 


Here at MV Classics we have our own paint spraying facility which not only enables us to complete classic car restorations to a showroom finish but also allows us to make that finish to the original specification, be it in Cellulose, Two Pack or Water Base. 


The paint job is the most visible aspect of any car restoration project, so it has to be right, you can rest assured that our fully experienced body specialists and paint sprayers will pay meticulous attention to detail, from preparation to final coat we ensure that a professional finish is achieved every time. 


The vast majority of our restoration projects call for a total repaint of the whole car inside, outside and underneath, we can paint every nook and cranny when everything has been stripped off which means no unsightly overspray marks and no signs of previous paint colours when you lift any part of the vehicle trim, this all adds to giving your car that authentic factory finish. 

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Paint Work

Paint Work

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