Of the many Jaguar Mk2 projects we have completed this was one of the more memorable cars, it was due to be a full nut and bolt restoration but on arrival turned out to be a virtually rust free car, and when finished with the customers specified modifications proved to be an extremely fast and agile Mk2 Jaguar. 

This car was one of the 2050 cars assembled in South Africa from kits supplied by Jaguar in the sixties and therefore is not recognised by Jaguar heritage as they do not have any build records, chassis or engine numbers for these vehicles, but they are still Jaguars through and through. 

We sourced the car on behalf of the customer in view to restoring it, but when it arrived and was inspected we found it to be in exceptionally good condition with only very superficial rust in the doors and boot lid, the paint was blistered and this had been caused by the South African climate. The interior was a different story, these cars had Ambla seats and vinyl head linings neither of which had survived the extreme heat and the beautiful veneers had also suffered, it all had to go. 

The interior was then trimmed in magnolia hide and piped in green to match the carpets and new exterior colour the head lining was replaced with wool cloth as per the English models, all the woodwork was striped, veneered with new burr walnut and polished to an extremely high standard. We removed all the chrome and glass to give the car a bare metal respray in a late Jaguar pearlescent British racing green, the glass was then fitted with new rubber seals and we replaced the chrome trim using as much of the original as we could and re plating the items that were not acceptable. The engine and gearbox were overhauled and detailed, then refitted along with a new wiring loom and various electrical items. 

The suspension and brakes were up rated with four pot callipers, stiffer shock’s, springs and anti roll bars and the steering was converted to modern electronic power assisted rack and pinion, competition chrome wire wheels and low profile tyres completed the package. In all this gave us a beautiful classic Jaguar with a modern twist. 

Built to be used as everyday transport and cope with modern day traffic which it does admirably. 


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