Toyota MR2 Restoration 

This is one of the more unusual projects we have been asked to undertake, certainly a future classic but not a car you would expect to do such an extensive restoration to in the present day. 

You would think that being much younger than most of the cars we restore it would be relatively easy to get parts and information, but this was not to be the case, Toyota no longer supply a lot of the parts and we did want to use genuine where possible, so this provided our team with task of tracking down old stock in the dealerships and sourcing good second hand parts. 

Some panels we had to make from scratch but Ropley Motors our local Toyota dealer proved to be very helpful and managed to get hold of most of the new panels required along with the decals which are no longer made, although we did have to modify some of them to make a complete set. There would appear to be a larger following for these cars in the USA and some of the parts where more easily sourced from there. 

Most restorations cost far more than the value of the vehicle itself, but that can usually be justified by the wish to own a vehicle which was a childhood dream or has some sentimental attachment and this was to be the case, the present owner’s late mother had enjoyed the car so much that her daughter wished it to be restored in her memory. 

We’d like to think she would be very proud.




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