Triumph TR4A Restoration 

This Triumph TR4A came in looking tired with rust in all the usual places but in a generally usable condition. We were asked to restore the body and change the colour back to the original Wedgwood blue as it was when it left the factory. The car was restored in the eighties and the colour changed to Navy blue. 

First we removed the body from the chassis and had the body shot blasted in component form, this showed the extent of the corrosion and the previous repairs that had been done. As with many cars that were so called restored in the height of the market boom some of the repairs left a lot to be desired, so these had to be cut out and repaired properly with new metal, some panels are no longer available so our craftsmen had to make repair sections and butt weld them in, once the car had been painted these metal finish repairs become unnoticeable. 

New sills were fitted and the body placed back on the chassis with the running gear in place, this enables perfect gap alignment to be achieved due to the weight of the engine and gearbox putting the correct stresses on the chassis. Once this had been done we again removed the body for painting. With the tub painted it was married to the chassis for the last time, fitted up with it's outer panels, painted with it's final coats and polished, we then injected wax into all the cavities prior to fitting trim and ancillaries. 

The car drove beautifully and felt much stronger than before with noticeably less scuttle shake. 

A very pretty car in its correct period livery. 

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